Unique Power Corp. is now an ISO Certified company. ISO 9001-2008 Certification.
To be INNOVATIVE is to be creative enough to live with the changes that time brings.To come to terms with altering market retailers.To pioneer markets where no exists.To sustain calculated risks.To integrate the company and its people into a wholesomeoneness.And to be competitive enough to bridge past, present and future with a common thread.Its our matra,and our stimulus for growth ,We are because we INNOVATE.
The cornerstone of this company is service, we compliment that service by providing fine quality products. There are two things that make Unique Power Corp. a great company. Our number one asset is our people,we are fortunate to have such an enthusiastic group that consistently demonstrates pride and integrity in their jobs. Follow that up with being dedicated to power generation industry, it’s a good formula.
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